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How To Sell Feet Pics: Make Great Money Anonymously

How to sell feet pics and make great money

Selling pictures of your feet, it’s all the rage right now and a lucrative business model. You could join the millions of people selling their feet pics online while never showing their faces. Whether you’re looking to pay off debts or make enough money to buy a new car, learning how to sell feet pics could be your next side hustle or your full-time income.

How much money can you make selling feet pics?

What if I told you that you could replace your full-time income just by selling feet pictures? Sounds crazy right? It seems like every week we hear about someone making a killing in the foot pic game.

Check out this story of a woman who makes over $70,000 a year! Or this one of a woman who made nearly $20,000 for just one picture of a wrinkle on her foot!

It’s not just females selling feet pics online, guys can get in on it too. Like this guy who makes $4,000 per month with just his feet.

Foot fetishes have been around for a very long time, which means this trend is here to stay. As long as you protect your identity, what do you have to lose by giving it a try?

The Best Place To Sell Feet Pics

Fun With Feet

How to sell feet pics with fun with feet

Fun With Feet earns our top spot for selling feet pics. They provide a lot of great tips on how to sell feet pics, and even allow you to report people who ask for personal information. There are some sketchy sites out there for selling pictures of your feet, Fun With Feet is not one of them.

Reasons You Need To Know How To Sell Feet Pics Online

Besides making money selling feet pics, what are the other benefits that set this side gig apart from others?

  • Low cost to get started: All you really need is a phone with a decent camera, and an internet connection and you’re in! Compared to other businesses that have expensive start-up costs, overhead, employees, and needy clients, starting your feet pic business is essentially a no-brainer.
  • Remain anonymous: Nobody needs to know who you are, where you live, or anything about you. You are literally in control of everything. There are no upset clients knocking at your door, no boss breathing down your neck, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
  • Build a brand and grow a following: You can use a fake name or a come up with a whole persona and build a brand around it. Once you build up a big enough following on social media or your own website you can choose to sell your brand or continue making content you love! There are also possibilities for sponsorship deals, “Hello, this is Nike calling, we need your feet pics for our shoes.”

Where Can You Sell Your Feet Pics?

1. Fun With Feet

Our top pick for many reasons. They are solely dedicated to foot pictures only. Other sites go beyond being just a feet pic marketplace, not Fun With Feet. This means that people come to the site with the intention of buying feet pics and feet pics only.

They offer great ideas on how to take the best pictures, how to maximize your profits, and how to remain anonymous. They do have a subscription fee for selling: $9.99 for 3 months of selling and $14.99 for 6 months of selling, but that is a great motivator to get your pictures up quickly and start selling.

2. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is another great app to sell your feet pics. Just like Fun With Feet, they do offer great advice on how to sell feet pics, how to get the best shots, and they offer a secure payment method. They do charge a 10% fee on your sales, but that’s a small price to pay to be on one of the biggest feet pic marketplaces.

3. Feetify

Feetify comes in at number 3 on our list. What’s cool about Feetify is they allow male feet pics, whereas most other sites or apps are strictly women only. The other great part about Feetify is that it’s free to use. There is no subscription fee, which makes it a great place to start selling your feet pics online without the risk of losing money. They also offer a premium membership that unlocks perks like adding an unlimited number of pictures, direct contact with sellers, and they will pay the most active premium members even if they don’t sell any pictures. Feetify accepts cryptocurrency as well as normal payment options.

4. Modeling Agencies

You aren’t just limited to selling your feet pics on apps and websites dedicated to foot fetishes, another great option is submitting your pictures to a modeling agency. There are tons of reputable modeling agencies that are constantly looking for foot, hand, and full body models. Companies like BMA Models, Models Direct, and Close Up Models take models’ pictures and profiles and market them to major brands like Lululemon, Reebok, Kohls, Target, Walmart, etc… Getting in with a modeling agency could be a great way to make money selling feet pics.

5. eBay

Did you know that eBay has its own feet pic section? Although not many people are using eBay to buy feet pics, it does have advantages that other sites don’t. You are allowed list multiple items at once, meaning you can also sell other products alongside your feet pics, like shoes, socks, or other foot paraphernalia. The downside to eBay is that you have to pay a fee for each listing, as well as a 10% cut of your sale. You also don’t get paid until after the buyer has received their item, which can be risky if they decide not to pay.

6. Craigslist

On the shadier side of things, you can sell feet pics on Craigslist. Although it’s not necessarily a feet picture marketplace you can still make money from selling feet pics on it. Craigslist is free to use and there are no fees associated with listing or selling anything. However, there are some risks associated with using Craigslist. You’ll be dealing with people directly, so it’s easier for someone to take advantage of you or scam you. There is also no seller protection on Craigslist, so buyers can easily get away with not paying you.

Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Sell Feet Pics

How to make money selling feet pics

Now that we know the best apps and websites to use, let’s dive into the exact process of how to sell feet pics. You might feel lost on how to make your foot fortune. Don’t let analysis paralysis stop you, we’ve got your back.

Step 1: Choose a foot pic marketplace from the ones listed above

We’ll make that decision easy for you. Just use our number one recommended feet pic marketplace Fun With Feet if you’re truly ready to commit to this new adventure, or dip your toes in the foot bath with Feetify since it’s free.

Step 2: Create an account

This will require you to provide a username and payment information. If you prefer to stay anonymous, which I highly recommend, create a username that cannot be tied back to you in any way. Make it exciting, like creating an alter ego you’ve always wanted to try. The same goes for your password. Do not use a password associated with any other online accounts you might have.

If the app or website you’re using includes a place for a bio, make sure to fill it out as much as possible without revealing anything personal about yourself. If you need help coming up with a bio that will attract more attention, use other successful accounts’ bios as inspiration.

Step 3: Take clear pictures of your feet and copy successful accounts

Start by looking at other accounts on any of the sites mentioned above and copy them. Success leaves clues after all. It’s also a great idea to follow the advice given on the sites themselves, after all, they are the ones with the data on which feet pics sell the most. You don’t need to just fall in line and do what everyone else is doing. If you have ideas for foot pictures that you think will be awesome, then take them! You never really know what will work until you try.

Expert advice: Remove the metadata (a.k.a. EXIF data) from your pictures before you post them anywhere. When you take a picture with your phone or digital camera it automatically adds data like the location, date, and time of when and where the picture was taken. If you’re trying to remain anonymous, you absolutely do not want that information out there. For step-by-step directions on how to do this check out this article here.

Step 4: Put them up for sale with descriptions and pricing

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred feet pic platform it’s time to start selling! Follow the instructions on whichever feet pic marketplace you’re using to upload your high-quality photos. Use every tool available on the site, like tags, metadata, keywords, etc… to maximize your pictures’ visibility.

Step 5: Use social media to promote your feet pics

If you really want to drive traffic to your feet pictures you can promote them on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you have fears or guilt about self-promotion now is the perfect time to get rid of them. If you really want to be successful at selling feet pics online, you’re going to have to treat this like a real business, and real businesses use every marketing opportunity available. Thankfully you don’t have to pay for a billboard along the highway with your feet on it.

Have fun with this part, but also be smart. Create brand new accounts on your favorite social media platforms that are in no way attached to the accounts you already use. This is your chance to let your alter-ego thrive! Uncage that sexy beast inside you and give it a voice!

Step 6: When someone purchases your picture, contact them to see if they’d like more

When you get your first customer requesting your feet pics, follow up with them directly (if the app/website allows it) to see if they’d like more. You’re already baited them in, now really set the hook to maximize profits! This is called upselling and it’s a great way to make even more money.

Obviously, this depends on a few things like your comfort communicating with strangers or whether or not the app allows you to directly message the customer. But taking advantage of an already interested customer can be huge.

Step 7: Always get paid upfront

Never ever send your feet pics to someone before they pay. You don’t walk into Target, take whatever you want, leave, and then pay them later do you? Of course not, and you should accept that either. Once the payment is received on your end, then you complete the purchase, no matter what the customer says. If they hound you about sending pics first or sending free pics, stop all communications with them and block them if you can. It’s not worth your time to deal with people like this. Good paying customers will play by the rules. Never feel bad about saying no.

And there you have it! That’s all it takes to start making money with your feet pics. Of course, it takes time to build up a following and find success, but with the right attitude and dedication, you can make it happen!

Start Selling Your Feet Pictures Now!

How to sell feet pics

It’s time to take action. This is the part where most people quit. The idea of selling feet pics sounds fun but people start doubting themselves or makeup excuses not to do it.

  • “I’ve got a job that I kinda sorta like, I can put up with it for a while longer.”
  • “What if something bad happens?”
  • “What if my peers find out?”

Let’s flip that fear mentality on its head. Instead think:

  • “This could be my ticket out of my dead end job I hate!”
  • “What if this really takes off and does well? I could go on that vacation I’ve always wanted!”
  • “What if my peers find out I’m selling feet pics cuz I showed up to the party in my new car?!” #baller

Key Considerations For Successfully Selling Your Feet Pics Online

If you want to get the most out of your new business venture while staying safe and hidden here are some additional things to consider when selling your feet pics online.

Always remain anonymous to protect yourself from trolls or unwanted attention

You never have to give out your personal information. As mentioned above, be sure to remove the EXIF data from your feet pictures before you post them online. An additional security measure would be to get a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that basically masks your IP address so people on the internet can’t identify where you live. For example, if you live in Texas, you can set your VPN to say you’re in Minnesota, Mexico or Mozambique.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and poses

People love unique feet pics that they can’t find anywhere else. Once you get multiple pictures up online, see which ones sell the best and make more of those. Use the data that’s available to your advantage. You can also reach out to other people selling feet pictures and share information and ideas. Get in touch with the pros who really know how to sell feet pics and take their advice.

Use appropriate pricing for each picture

If you price your feet pictures too low people won’t take you seriously. You are worth more than you know. People often think too negatively about themselves and don’t realize how valuable they really are. This lesson took me a long time to learn in my businesses. I was too afraid to raise my prices thinking I would offend my customers. Turns out they were more than willing to pay a premium for my services. My advice: Hunt elephants not squirrels. Don’t chase the small money, go for the big clients. They are often more professional and way better to deal with.

Taking it to the Next Level: How To Sell Feet Pics Like A Pro

Now that you know the basics of how to sell your feet pics, let’s take it up a notch. Here are some tips for becoming a professional seller and maximizing your profits.

Use the internet and AI to find out what type of pictures people are looking for and focus on those areas. Google and YouTube are your friends here. Really dig deep into searching for the best feet pics online and watch videos of other people who have had success selling feet pictures. Once again, success leaves clues. Focus on what’s working and cut the ones that aren’t.

AI is also a great tool for learning how to sell feet pics and for generating ideas. Using AI sites like OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a gamechanger when it comes to getting answers for anything. It’s also free to use like Google and YouTube.

Create a website or portfolio where potential buyers can see your best work easily. When you own your own website you can control everything that happens on it. Creating a website is easier than it’s ever been with drag and drop website builders like Shopify and Wix. There is no need for coding and you can have your website up in minutes. They also offer great support and if you get stuck you can always find video tutorials on YouTube to solve whatever problems you run into.

Consider teaming up with other feet pic sellers and creating bundles of pictures to reach a larger audience. If you notice another feet pic creator is doing well, reach out to them and see if they’d like to collaborate. Using their influence can give you a big boost to your sales and open up your foot pictures to a wider audience.

Always stay professional and provide good customer service. Make sure you stay on top of fulfilling your foot pic orders. If you order a Big Mac from McDonalds and it takes a week to get to you, you wouldn’t be very happy, would you? The same goes for selling feet pictures. Keep your customers happy and they will spread the word about you. Upset them and they will rate you poorly, causing your influence to drop. People are way more likely to leave a bad review than a good one. Don’t give them a reason to rate your feet pics poorly.

Alternative ways to sell feet pics (that aren’t creepy)

If you’re feeling creeped out by the above-mentioned apps and sites, and don’t feel comfortable with the possibility of having to interact with weirdos, here are some great alternatives for you.

Use print-on-demand sites like Zazzle or Printify

How to sell feet pics on Printify

Sites like Printify and Zazzle allow you to upload your images and create products out of them, like t-shirts, mugs or posters. You don’t have to worry about printing out the pictures yourself and sending them out either – these services will take care of that for you.

Sell feet pics on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform if you want to specialize in making custom feet pics. You can create collections and bundles of pictures, which will make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.

Sell feet pics on Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based platform with a huge following. You can create your own account and pin pictures of your feet pics for potential buyers to discover.

Join a modeling agency

If you’re looking for more of a professional approach, consider joining a modeling agency. They will help you get in touch with potential buyers and handle the business side of things while you focus on the creative.

Sell feet pics on your own website

Selling feet pics via your own website lets you be in full control of everything. You can set up payment through a third-party service like PayPal or Venmo to ensure you receive payment before sending your pictures out.

Alternatives Side Hustles To Make Money

If selling feet pics isn’t your thing there are plenty of other side hustle ideas that can make you great money, like user generated content (UGC), buying and renting out a camper, becoming a voice over actor, starting a blog, etc… There is plenty of information available online and on social media for great side hustle ideas, for instance, check out this article about how to make money with your drone.

Wrapping Up

Selling feet pics has the potential to be an awesome side hustle or a full blown business. By following the steps we mentioned, you can easily set up an account on an app or start your own website and start profiting from it. Just remember to remain anonymous, experiment with different pictures, know your value when it comes to pricing and keep your customers happy by completing their orders on time.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what platforms best suit your needs and goals. With the right mindset, creativity and dedication, you can easily make money selling feet pics. Good luck!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, we make a commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase through links in this article. It’s how we keep the lights on and continue to provide the best content for you. Thanks!

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